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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Important message for all human life forms...Important Message to all Human Life Forms with a Mind....

To: Earthen Inhabitants
From: The World Federation of the Worlds
Concerning: Pluto

Dear Earthen Folk,

This is our first intergalactic communication with your species. We do not often interfere in your mundane, undereducated, apathetic, and complacent world or activities. Who are we to question why you are destroying your own planet? We think it is a rather nice planet. How ever while surfing your Television Selections, John Stewart came on to inform us through an interview he had on his show, that Pluto is no longer a planet. You have no idea of the chaos you have created galaxies wide, when your scientist declared Pluto is no longer good enough to be a planet. Also, it should be noted Pluto’s feelings were a little hurt to know that Earth feels they are no longer a Planet and wonder what they did wrong in the Galaxy to be removed. On that note, our Planetary manifesto log agrees with this New Mexico place, located in North America, Pluto is still considered a Planet.

Apparently in your world, it is easy to remove history so your current offspring may continue your fine example to all Planets on how to live. For us, the Soap Opera of This is My Earth, is a number one show on many Planetary Channels in the Galaxy. Back to the point, we study all Planet life forms, and we find this task of removing Pluto from our role call Manifesto could present a problem as to the fact that too many species already know and recognize that is a Planet, thus you can not erase a beings mind even if you can remove the truth from your teaching tools.

We here at the World Federation of the Worlds, or WFW, here by keep Pluto as a planet for we do not have enough time to remove and replace the brains of all those who know it is a Planet, nor do we have the resources to waste finances on books that would be untruthful. Also on that note, the inhabitants of that particular Planet are around 1 million and growing. Moving all these people would cost more than what our current financial budget would allow since the current currency of all Galaxies are affected by your Financial situations, Wal-Mart, and something called Capital Hill. We feel it would not be prudent at this time to fit this into our already tight and dwindling budget. .

You would be proud to know that your Soap Opera is number one for most Galaxy surfers. A lot of them have written the show producers commenting on how grateful they are for the non-stop comedy acts preformed on a daily basis. It’s not everyday you get to see a world literally destroying itself right before your very eyes. Most species choose to change and adapt to the situations presented and stop doing what is eroding their world. I will ask Saturn and Jupiter to send their Planet Rehabilitation Programs at their earliest convenience. You should receive the package, in 8 to 10 years, will be delivered by this thing called United World Postal Service, we hear it is the most inexpensive and best way to send packages to earth. It should be a rather large package and may contain a few comets, meteorites, and asteroids along with your space trash you have left behind from the space traveling you choose to do. Most Planets clean up after themselves upon space travel. Just for a future kind reminder, please be kind, clean up after yourself once in a while.

Again, we here at the WFW, refuse to remove Pluto from our Planetary Manifesto. Good luck with that Global Warming thing. Oh, and don’t worry about the Icebergs and Glaciers on Earth, they really aren’t needed anyway. There are a few other things we should mention but this was of the utmost urgency to send as quickly as possible.

Salutations and Greetings,
The World Federation of the Worlds

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy New Year and New Times...

I am alive…I am terribly sorry to my current readers of my absence. To others, no I am not at GitMo yet or any other assorted placement that could or might happen. I am thinking that perhaps next month they might take me. I of course am only kidding; for those of you who are watching the news, GitMo is being shut down. Also my life currently has taken a turn of events that I was not expecting, such as moving to NYC. Yes, I was in a town of Jersey, New Jersey that is, and now I am back in NYC and for a while. I also have been a bit busy with other things in my life, some personal, but mostly moving. Believe it or not, moving and reestablishing yourself in a community and a home can take a great deal of time and energy out of you. Thus you will see a difference in my writing technique and skills I hope. Just to catch you up, it is honestly not just the moving but I am currently working on a new novel that shall come out this year called “My life on the A train.”. If you have been to New York you will understand the book completely and for those of you who have never been here, have no fear there will be a subway map on inside front cover for you to follow the “A” train.

I am still investigating a few stories before I will put them out. I want facts behind the reality I bring. This blog was for me to get my words and my works out there, to inform, and try to bring a new prospective to someone’s mind, now it seems that this blog is taking a personal journey much like my book has.

A lot has happened since I last wrote, we have a new President of these United States, the new fall season line up for T.V., weird weather, only to name a few. Since the move I have had a great deal to write but very little has gone on the internet because it is in the book that I am writing about life and daily things. Call it a Alice in Wonderland Blog meeting Lovecraft with a touch of Carlin in it.

In this time of my absence I have learned a few things about blogging and the importance of reaching out and what I would like to accomplish in my life. I guess you could say it is a time for personal reflection. Why all of a sudden? I have 3 books coming out at once this year and when you have dreamed of being a writer for so long the fact that it is possible and with in the reach of your fingertips is a bit frightening. Especially in this day and time. Yes, we are watching the world change just as if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X were here or the Patriots that founded this land that we live in for the home of the brave and the free.

I know my writing and words anger people, but I feel at least it is doing something. Reaching someone, somewhere. As I said my prospective has changed a bit since I last wrote and a lot happened in my life that allowed me to reflect back onto the purpose of why I am doing what I am doing and what I truly wished to accomplish. Not just reflecting upon those things but actually using a plan of attach to achieve this place where I wish to be.

Well as for today, I did want to let everyone know. I am still here and kicking, just slow on the upkeep of my blogs. I will keep you posted.


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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coffee and Tea for BB

So it has been a bit since I last posted. Again, life is to blame, or my lack of organizing skills. I have not decided which it is. I am thinking it’s a bit of both. Quick update for my readers: I have come across a story that I will begin writing soon. Don’t worry, I am sure I will not be visiting the beaches, however if I do, the waterboarding will be fun, and I would pray for the safety of the people who took me there; they might find out it is a bad trip. I kid, I kid. Seriously, if I don’t post for a bit, the story has taken a priority in my life currently. So I am a bit wrapped up, you could say. I will let you know when it is done and where it is posted. I am also writing for a Military Online Magazine, so that is taking a bit of my time as well.

I had an amazing visitor in my home recently who truly made me look at some perspectives in life and where I am and where I want to get to. His thoughts and words made me realize a lot and woke me up out of my stupor, so to say. Thank you Preston, for being a part of my world, if only others were so blessed to have you in theirs. Love and Peace my friend, till you are home.

So between life, time management, and life’s lessons, I have been a bit busy, not to mention the fact of where I live. In NYC, it seems you have 7 days in a 24 period. So that does not help any. Has anyone ever tried to fit 7 days of work in 1 day? It is not easy, thus the time management thing is being tweaked, and I don’t mean the South Park way.

I did however want to give all an update upon the progress of things. Progress is good. I am upsetting the right people, getting my work done, and having fun while doing it. (Cue song) Who could ask for anything more? Happy Spring to all of you out there as well, I am truly looking forward to the nice, warm summer we are going to have since Global Warming does not exist. Or does it? Perhaps China might have a comment or two on that one.

If anyone is watching the news, there are oil strikes going on right now. I encourage you to support your local truckers and fishermen on this. If we don’t, it will hurt us. These people control our fuel, water, and food, amongst other necessary items. Items like medical supplies that help quite a few people including the likes of our soldiers who are risking all overseas to keep us alive…As I stated in my last blog, if a few begin to do this, then the Government and the Oil Companies will have to listen. We own them, they do not own us. Stand up! Make them accountable for what is coming around the corner; to be accountable for the money they spend that is not necessary and is driving up the prices of living; to be accountable for the blood that will be on their hands when this selective genocide is done. Or have you not been affected yet by the increase out of the pocket but no increase in pay? Don’t worry; soon no one will be left behind after this latest fiasco, remember there is no child left behind.

Also, if you have read my comment section, a dear friend of mine has come back into my life. I won’t go into details, however if I am mentioning it here, you know it is important. My personal life is generally not on display, unless you are the CIA and FBI, then you already know all about me. So I just want to say publicly, Thank you Craig, for seeking me out and finding me. Faith is a funny thing and I am glad we are on the same walk. I appreciate what you did for me to make me focus on the important things again and to leave behind those that are not worth the time.

Now I would like to say a big hello to Big Brother. Yes, yes, I know they are watching. How do I know? They decided to park a non-descript black car outside my house across the street the other day, thinking I would not notice a nice, expensive, black tinted SUV of this year’s model in this neighborhood of Brazilians and low income people. It did not look out of place at all. Please, whoever it was, when you read this, can you at least pick a car that fits in with the environment around you? At least let me play “Where’s the CIA/FBI?” Now everyone wave to Big Brother…Don’t worry, your computer, life, house, or car is not at any more risk than before you started to read my blog.

I really don’t think they are too selective about who they choose to pick on, besides if you are reading this, they are already one step ahead of you. They know where you are. So if a few of you feel you must not read my work, hey you knew what you were getting into when you started, but I understand. I do think Big Brother likes some of us better than others. Why? Well personally, I keep them entertained with porno reviews, erotic writing, and of course the biggy of the phone actress thing. Or it could be the YouTube videos I throw in once in a while to keep them watching the shiny things. They must be entertained somehow. I feel loved; they love me so much they send those nice dark cars out to my house. At least we know they are not at your house when they are here with me. I must have struck a nerve somewhere with someone. I think next time I will take them coffee and doughnuts, I know they work hard too. Wait, does the CIA/FBI like doughnuts? Maybe a coffee cake would be better; then again it is a messy food. However they do deserve a nice warm welcome to the neighborhood. It is after all, the Stepford way, and who am I to argue about being programmed? I can’t help it my wiring is a bit off; I leave that to the Government.

So the purpose of this blog is to let you know that I am here, I have not been taken away to some remote location, but have sniffed out a story, and I have new friends. They drive black cars with tinted windows and apparently are big fans of my work. I am thinking of asking them if they are the Men in Black, but I am not so sure that they would find that amusing. Hey anyone out there know, does the FBI and CIA ever eat? I suppose I should know this before I prepare them food, I would hate to waste the time and energy when I could feed them a story just like they do us with the propaganda presented before us daily.

Ooops, did I let part of the story out? Why, I think I did. Silly me. *shaking my head here and slapping my hand* Bad Angel, bad, bad Angel. Perhaps I should go to the corner. Maybe it is a good thing I didn’t mention that our Government is the biggest drug pusher in the world and how we are being drug addicted without realizing it. Damn it, it is just not my day. Ooops I did it again…There is my Britney impersonation…Stay tuned, there is more to come later...Remember, I do live in America and I am ever so thankful for that 1st Amendment; I am fully aware it has saved my ass several times. I am also a Patriot, I believe in speaking the truth and fighting for your freedoms and my freedoms, even if it is waking one person at a time. I will go to jail or die for what I believe in, don’t ever get it twisted where my loyalties lie.

Just think of me as a computer virus that has gone good. However I am sure that the powers that be would completely disagree and find me a bad egg.

I will also do my best to at least update this two times a month or more. I am still working on that organization skill. Here is the nice thing about faith, for my final thoughts to you before I get back to work. Faith will guide you through shark infested waters, as you are bleeding from every orifice on a thin bridge that is ready to snap to the dangers below, and faith will keep you alive. Thus it will keep me alive too.

Until the next time,

Keep the faith,

Remember that the truth shall deliver, and we are the most powerful movement for Patriotism and Freedom,


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Friday, May 9, 2008

Oil, Oil, Oil and you.....

Greetings and hello to all my readers out there, yes now I have subscribers. I am very excited and very grateful for that. It means people are actually reading my blog. Woohoo! I am taking my saying back from WaMu. Life has kept me busy for the past few days, to say the least. You know, places to go, people to see, so on and so forth. However I wanted to at least update you as to what is going on and of course, give my commentary of the day. Thank you first off, to those of you who have subscribed to my blog. That is great and I hope you are enjoying what you read. I can only think you do because you have subscribed. By tomorrow you will see some new changes; for one, there will be a new link on here to the Military Online Magazine I will be writing for. They picked me up for my poetry and I am very excited. They happened to not only pick me up for my poetry, but for one of my most controversial poems. Also some stories will be moved to the proper blog. This is important because I like order. It is much easier for all if things are done in a somewhat orderly fashion. If I have time, the website will be expanded to the point that I’ll have written out what the humanitarian project is and what we are about.

Now to today’s topic….OIL…OIL…OIL…

I often sleep with the TV on. I know this is a bad habit; what is worse, I will sleep with the BBC on. I woke up to the Cyclone in Burma. That is something I am sure most of you would not like to wake up to, hearing about what is going on there. It is a terrible thing that has happened there, Mother Nature’s vengeance on people who do not deserve it. What does this have to do with oil, you may be asking? I changed the channel. I will catch up on Burma later this evening.

I changed the channel to the stock market reports, as if that is any better...Bloomberg was on. They were talking about Oil, Alaska, and the reserves. I have lived in Alaska, if you don’t already know this, now you most definitely do. There was a gentleman on, no I did not catch his name; I wanted my coffee, so I was not in the room to get his name. He was talking about how if we don’t open the reserves in Alaska for America, that 60% of our oil will not even come from our shores. This is actually an issue, as he was saying. I also agree it is an issue that we have oil here on our soil and we are not touching it because of a bill passed that will not allow us to touch it. People out there, we have our own oil, on our own soil, that is already set up, that is not being used. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The interviewer asked him about a project that is currently in the works to strike out against “Big Oil.” People going on strike against “Big Oil” nationwide, not using their cars for one day. Just one day. I know, hard to think that some would actually walk or take public transportation; after all I am sure it is beneath some of them. This gentleman stated very clearly that this would not work. I disagree. I think that if every person, even if it were only in America, decided to strike for just one day, not use their cars, not go to the pumps, use public transportation, and actually walk, “Big Oil” might notice. I don’t know enough about the oil industry, so I am not going to pretend to. I do, however, know about the power of the people and the gifts that they hold within their hands.

Even if only half of America strikes out and did this, “Big Oil” would feel it. Companies live by supply and demand. If we do not demand it, the need of supply goes down, and companies feel it. It is just like the Wally world situation. If you don’t shop there, they are affected. This would have to be everyone agreeing to boycott and sticking to it just for one day.

Oil is now over $120 a barrel. This is going to affect you, the consumer. Instead of saying you can’t do anything about it, know you can. It is called striking, standing up for your rights as consumers. I understand some cannot get to work without the car, then car pool, take one car. Last I checked, a small car can hold 2 people and a van can hold up to 9. If this man thinks for one minute that we have no control over the Companies that “control” us, he is dead wrong. That is what they said about Hoffa and his ideas of the Union. By the way, I support Unions; I myself am going to be joining a Freelancers Union.

I understand this requires organization and people actually pulling together to make this happen, but it can be done. We can call it National Oil Strike Day. Who knows, maybe other countries will join in with us. I am not saying to do it for a week, though that would be great, however that is impractical. I am saying one day, get out and walk, take public transportation if you are able, and if you are not able to take public transportation, car pool. You might even meet someone new in a car pool, on the bus, or subway. There is a way to make “Big Oil” listen, because if you don’t do it now, we are all going to pay for it later when the cost goes over $200 a barrel. They are predicting that already, so you know that those out there behind the scenes, who report things, know this is going to happen. Even if it was just the big metropolitan places like New York City and the like, it would still create a situation for “Big Oil” to listen.

By the way, I take the subway everywhere I go or walk.

Just some points to ponder for you.

Until next time,


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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Sites, New beginings, New York City

Well a lot has happened in the last few days of not posting. If you take a look at my links to the left hand side you will see I have 2 new additions. Please welcome our Implicit Faythe website and a new online store. The Implicit Faythe site is for a description and listing of all those who will be working for me. It will be the main hub for all of the goings on with our Non Profit organization that has been in the works for several years of my life. The product store will help fund this site as well.

A leap of Faythe product site.

Non-Profit Organization website.

I am very excited about both sites, for they are the beginning of something I know others can and will be excited about when people see that the sites are actually working for humanity. Now more about the humanity fund. As I have stated before, this is for people who have slipped through the cracks, the families that are having a hard time in today’s economy; the single parents out there who are working 2 jobs, paying for daycare, and still have to pick between rent and food; the people who have suffered through natural disasters, fires, flooding, and have lost everything in an instant.

This however, has created a situation of not being able to work on my blogs as much as I would like. So now it is the time to play the catch up game. I am sure many know about this game that we play, which brings me to the topic of the day, New York City living.

I did not grow up in New York City or NYC as I like to call it. I am proud to be called a New Yorker by New Yorkers and others. This is an amazing honour, no, honour is not misspelled and I have just always spelled it differently. If you can make it in NYC, you can and will make it anywhere. Out of all the places I have lived, NYC has my heart, and always has since I knew of NYC in the small town of Lamar, Colorado. Yes, I grew up right outside of the Kansas world of flat lands. Let me tell you, this has been a huge step for a small town country girl like me. I consider myself not a transplant, but a NYer that has just come home.

I have seen so much beauty in many states, I cannot compare them. It would not be fair. Each state has taught me a great deal, not only about the land and animals but the people. If I talk about a state in which you live in way that you feel is negative, I make my apologies in advance if it bothers you, but not for my words. I have told you already, I have a New York attitude with a spirit of faith. Don’t take what I say personally; I believe in the first Amendment and utilize it to my place in life.

Back to New York, this city is amazing and is the heartbeat of America when you get down to the brass tacks of it. It is the land of opportunity, the place of business, and the heart of what we believe in as America. I have never seen such a diverse community in my life. The food here is beyond what anyone can expect, the sites are indescribable, and the livelihood of the state is something I wish all could feel, what New Yorkers have experienced, from the invasions of people who come from all over the world to the largest tragedy that we as Americans have ever felt of 9-11. I have never experienced such a community of the American Spirit as a whole. This does not mean other places do not have it, it just means for me, this is where I have truly felt it.

Some of our greatest minds, artists, believers, revolutionaries, and survivors have lived here. To me, I know why and feel it. I only hope to emulate it as I move forward in my life and to new states. I do want you to know, New Yorkers are not rude, they are just very time conscious. Time is a commodity that is as valuable as the stock market that runs the nation’s capitalism and much of the worlds. There is no other place like New York City, just like there is no other place like Portland Maine, Colorado Springs, Anchorage Alaska, or any other city in the world. Each one has its own gifts and personality.

I do take off one day a week for personal time, however when I get home, I usually end up working anyway. It is the habit of not only a workaholic but a New Yorker. If you are not going to work at it, you are not going to get anywhere, I have learned. I have a few tips for you if you come to NY. Subways are the greatest invention here. They have an amazing Subway; where else can you see the local starving artist and New Yorkers who are commuting back and forth? Biggest hint for the Subways: get a Subway map, just ask the attendant for one, they are free. It will not only give you the underground for travel but also the topside of NYC. Don’t worry about the big, live animals you see running on the rails, those are rats. Yes, NY has them. They will not bother you if you do not bother them, however do not call them dogs or kittens like some do. That is another story for another time. Take the Staten Island Ferry; it is one of the best ways to see the Statue of Liberty for free. You can go visit Staten Island and see it for free as well. Remember, a cab is going to cost you a fortune; for 10 blocks of riding in a cab in NYC you are looking at spending anywhere $10 to $15, depending upon the traffic. Yes, they charge you for sitting in traffic.

Visit the East Village; amazing artwork, great restaurants, great shops, and night clubs. Don’t forget to go by 42nd street and Fashion Ave; SoHo is a wonderful place to visit for a variety of shops and eating establishments that are rare and unique. You will find Bryant Park has fantastic bathrooms that are clean and up kept daily. In the summer at Bryant Park there is a Carousel and in the winter there is Ice Skating. No trip to NYC is complete without seeing Central Park, plan a day for this. There are vendors that sell hotdogs and food items all around, a zoo inside and the wonderful Metropolitan Museum of Art, only to name a few. You can get a park map as well to find your way around Central Park. As I said, plan a day it, as it is a large park.

5th Ave has a great number of shops in which you will find unusual, amazing things; Broadway with all its shows and billboards. Also make sure that when you are headed to the ferry, take a trip down by the Financial District, and make sure you look at the sidewalks. There are pieces of granite engraved with historical events that most miss, and two of the churches that stood after the 9-11 attacks when rightfully both should have been destroyed. Talk about the power of Faith.

Now for you visitors, welcome to NYC, however please, when you get here, make sure all of your belongings, including your party are with you at all times. This is for any big city, not just here. Please don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk; this is the one way to be run over, cussed out, and made to feel a visitor is to stop right in the middle of the sidewalk. Besides that, how would you feel if you were in your hometown and you had visitors and they were to stop right in front of you? I highly suggest that if you are traveling by Subway, do not ask a Police Officer for directions, as you will end up in Coney Island. I know this personally. Ask an MTA person, they are easy to find, they wear blue with the big letters of MTA on it. Always do the buddy system.

Now if you have any questions about where to go on a budget, please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

I have no goals as of today because I have to finish the other goals I placed up.

Until later,


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Saturday, May 3, 2008


Ok, so things did not go as planned, shall we say, however I did get one of my blogs set up with feedburner and site meter. I highly recommend these for each of your blogs. I am also on my blog log. After doing that, I now have 7 subscribers, which is great. I know, 7 people, big deal, right? It is a big deal to me. This means that what I am writing is actually drawing interest, and there are people out there interested in what I have to say. I also finally signed up for Alert Pay and it went through. Woohoo! I also have a Pay Pal account. These are things that if you do not have set up, I highly recommend you do.

Alert Pay

Pay Pal

As you see, I have posted the links to the sites. Now I did get more done than I expected off my “to do” list, the list that is never done. This is just a part of life. I would have liked to have gotten more done, but they have not invented the 48 hour day yet. I will make a note when they do and let you know.

I want to thank those of you who did subscribe. That means the world to me. Now on to today’s list…

1. Complete one blog with MMMM’s ideas. I only did one blog, this one. I hope you like the changes.

2. Finish Sex Blog…Ok so on that one, after you have talked to so many people about sex on the phone, you really do not feel like writing about it.

3. Photoshop jewelry shots for online store. The jewelry is fine, it is the other stuff around it in the photo.

4. Start blog #2 with MMMM’s ideas. Ok so they work. No, I am not putting Mike on a pedestal, but here is the thing: How do you learn success? From someone who is failing or succeeding? From someone who is negative or positive in their demeanor? I choose the latter on both parts. His site is one of the best sites I have come across honestly; he has a link to my blog, the implicit faith blog. He has done nothing but try to help others out there, however in order to help others, others must learn to help themselves by doing some of the work. Nothing comes on a silver platter unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth and in today’s world that is not even a guarantee.

5. Find the bed at some point and time before 10 am tomorrow morning. I mean to sleep, not to actually find it. I just recently did an overhaul of my room. The clutter was distracting for work. I will cover the importance of your “work” space in a later blog.

Now I mentioned what this blog idea is about. I have full intentions of having a few more blogs going and set up, each containing different important things, from journalism to spirituality. All separate for all different types of readers. This is important to me. For any who have read some of my satire work, you will understand that a lot of this is personal.

I actually want to start a humanitarian fund. Yes I am working on getting the Government grants, nothing like asking for money from the Government knowing full well what the purpose is behind the business. This fund will be available for all to see where the funding is going and who it is helping. It is a rather long, detailed explanation, in short, there are those out there who the Government has forgotten, who work too hard, and allow their communities to grow, and they are getting the shaft. This is a fund for the mother who has to choose between rent and milk, the father who is laid off because his job was sent overseas, and all others who fall in between.

Out of my own personal finances 15% of my income will go into this fund without hesitation. This is how much I believe in it. I would love to have it set up so that people can get ahead, find hope, and realize that with all their faith, faith listened.

I will explain in one blog when I have the business idea written out so all can see how it works and why it is an amazing idea. We give to give back, at least most of us do.

Now for one moment of my Satire world…..Won’t you come on in?

China…This is where our Olympics are being held this year. My question is with all that is going on in the news today concerning China and the new disease all the children are getting over there…Why are we going there? Who wakes up in the morning and says, “I would like to expose myself to a disease for which there is no vaccine. I feel like picking up something new. I really enjoy being monitored and recorded by the Government, and most of all, I truly want to go to a country where if I am arrested, chances are I am not coming home.” Really let’s think about this. We are sending our athletes to a place where you have to be vaccinated for everything from the common cold to the Avian flu. Where the media is monitored worse than in most countries, and their toys are likely to kill you or at least make your child drunk. Who was the person on the Olympic committee when the Avian flu was going around who said, “Hey let’s do the Olympics in China. We have far too many people in the world and this is a great way to exterminate them”? Just a thought for the day.

I may be a few days between posts as I set everything up but will keep you updated on what is and is not working for me. Please feel free to check out my other blogs that are under construction.

Thanks again for your support and I can’t wait for this blog to be passed on to others.


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I would like to explain in simple terms what I am doing so that if my ideas work, you can use them too.

New Month, New Day; it is this day of Beltane that I begin my new journey. Here is a list of my goals for the day. I have decided to do an open forum to my blogging world of making an income while pursuing my writing career. I wish for all who are with me from the beginning to understand why I am building this from the get go. For new readers, I feel that people’s real lives are always more interesting than those of reality shows. Welcome to my reality show……

Today’s goals:

1. Start the Mike’s Money Making Mission (MMMM) with my blogs, which is also the purpose of this particular blog. There are so many out there who know they can make this work, however the issue is this, how you start when you have no starting point. I have 4 blogs, well 5 if you count my MySpace. I have a goal to theses blogs, it is very have helpful blogs for others and to prove that with very little money you can make an income. Thus comes the A.B.C’s of developing that goal to fruition.

2. Achieve one of the steps instructed on MMMM for all blogs.

3. Set up one new blog….Probably the Government one. (Yes, you will notice I am getting a bit personal here, however I would like to show you step by step how I am doing this, how I will achieve my goal….Thank you, Mike for when you read this. You gave me a great idea.

4. Finish Sex blog.

5. Start one song for my singer.

6. Emails complete, this means cleaning out one box. Here is another thing, you must be organized, if you are like me and want to work at home, yet you are living on very little a week, then you need to organize. I am starting this project on a wing and a prayer and a leap of faith. I am also showing you how I am working on making my dream come true and passing it on as it has been passed on to me so freely.

7. Tomorrow’s list and post this blog.

Now you may be wondering why I am putting this in here and not in my own personal notes at home. I am a thinker and a doer. I have been over my head in debt and I know there are many out there who are in the same place I am. This is not a complaint box; this is a pick up your boot straps and move forward box. I believe that what you put in your mind is what you will produce in life. I have a positive attitude that is a bit scrambled at times, thus I am a little unorganized. This will help me with my organization and perhaps someone else’s.

In other words, I have a tendency to put to many irons in the pot at one time, moving from one project to another without finishing one project at a time. That changes as of today. I mentioned in my Under Construction blog that I am changing me too. I am under construction after reading some articles that helped me find a balance. I find that people relate better if you can allow them into your world. This is my way of letting you in to let you see what I am doing to help with the world, myself, my family, and friends.

I figure if I place myself accountable and present myself to the world that I will see a positive response and less about me in the gossip papers. This encourages me. I have a few very good friends who have encouraged me on a spot on MyLot. This also showed me I had to get serious about this…I am a writer. I love to write, I have things to tell people that can save their lives, make them think, make them question. To do this, I must be organized in my life, a post on MyLot made me realize not only did my room and workspace need cleaning, I noticed my blogs represented my room. Ok, that is a sad note. I had another friend point out that I needed to be more clear. Another friend told me of her weight loss issues, and another of the war overseas and how my stories have touched her.

As I was reading things like this, looking at the blogs I am writing, I realized that I can make things work with my ideas, not only for me but for others out there like me. I have tried the offerings of money promised by other programs, my freelancing, and many things to make money on the internet, and I have realized that with the right guidance, I can do this without the other things that I have looked at. This does not mean I will not continue with my other jobs until this blog idea takes off, however it does mean it is a beginning to what my dreams and goals are.

I am choosing to do something about this. I wish to share this journey of faith with you out there to let you see where this leap takes me. MMMM is helping me organize my thoughts of my humanitarian fund, my gift back to humanity that will come from the garden that I have planted long ago. That in itself is a blog for its own space.

This particular blog is on me beginning my journey much like Mike, to make money with blogs, not just for myself but for the humanitarian fund I wish to start. There is a purpose behind my blogs, just so you know. Perhaps I shall put that on tomorrow’s blog list so you can understand why I started blogging in the first place. I do plan on keeping this up just as I would business notes. This is my new business and I am going to treat it as such. I have some great ideas I will explain along the way, if you have some input or suggestions, please feel free to add.


Have a great day…


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