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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Would you like Mercury with your Fish Today...Satire part 3

Welcome back to my blog. So does everyone have their permission slips in? If you do not, go back and reread the other two blogs, and please get your permission slips in before you continue as I do not wish to be responsible for your free thinking ideas. I have enough responsibilities of my own, thank you. I just wish to plant the ideas and let the idea tree grow. After all, unlike the current system of today’s society, I encourage growth and learning. How else are you supposed to have someone to talk to if you have a hard time talking to the magnitudes of drones? When you question everything and anything, it causes people to start asking questions about things, which is great. Why is this great? Because as silly as it may seem, we are at war over the freedoms we hold precious, which give us the right to have free thoughts and to exercise them. If these freedoms are lost, it is a lot harder to fight back when you are enjoying the water boarding.

For a short recap, we were in Alaska. Remember the icebergs, glaciers, and moose? What did we learn from that? Hopefully we have learned that the ice for the people in the caves is becoming depleted and they may be getting upset. Did you ever think maybe the people living in the cave may need that ice to refresh their drinks on a hot summer day? I am sure that classifies as peeing in someone’s cave; you be the judge. As for the moose, for those going to Moose Country, I can not express this more: Let the moose win. So you are held up in traffic for 3 hours, at least you will still have your car. Think about that before you honk or yell at that really large creature that has probably had a bad hair day and is standing in front of your car on purpose just to upset you, while inside he is laughing, knowing you are stuck until he moves.

In my opinion, Alaska is one of the most beautiful and dangerous places in the United States. Where else can you go fishing, and the guy next to you has a gun out? I asked a gentleman once if the gun was for the bears or the people. He replied it was for whoever tried to get his king salmon. I decided at that moment, it is probably best to stay in your own little world when fishing for king salmon, away from people. In Alaska, when fishing season comes around for the salmon, especially the king salmon, people get a bit touchy about how close you are to them. In other words, if you get too close you may take the risk of peeing in their cave. We have discussed this. It is not wise to pee in someone’s cave, especially if that person has a gun with them. They tend to get upset. King salmon not only bring out the people, but let’s not forget, Alaska has bears. Bears eat salmon; they stand in the river and fish with the people who are brave enough to stand off to the side.

Do these people think if they catch a king salmon, the bear is really going to let them keep it? I made the choice, if a bear has that part of the river, it’s ok. I really don’t need to fish there that bad. Between a gun and bear, I will take the gun. A bear has claws and very sharp teeth, can outrun me both up and down hill, climb trees, outweighs me by a few hundred pounds, and unless I am really good at playing dead or looking like a cub, he is more than likely going to get the fish. I have no intention of peeing in a bear’s cave.

Why am I mentioning fish? I just found out that Mercury is on the rise, and it is really affecting people in very dangerous ways. Fish carry Mercury. Granted, Alaska does not have the highest Mercury levels in the United States; Maine takes that prize. Doesn’t Lobster sound good now? Make sure you ask for low Mercury or no Mercury in your next seafood dish, especially if it comes from Maine. Can anyone say Mad Hatter’s disease? You can now get it in a variety of ways and Maine just ships it out with its dinner for free. It’s fun, I hear. In all reality, maybe everyone should have a little Mercury in their system. I hear metal does a body good. Surely we can see that in our current horror films. So if you don’t know what Mercury can do to your body or if you are at risk and you are reading this: place “Mercury Poisoning” in your search engine and you will find a nice listing of the dangers and effects of Mercury, both to the environment and in the body. I have listed a few sites I have found along the way if you would like to get started. I would like you to notice the links I have listed were put out by the Government.

What led me to this Mercury hunt, you may ask? What started all this talk of Mad Hatter’s Disease? The CDC put out their new vaccine recommendations for our children.

Here is a list of vaccines for you to see which ones have Mercury.

With what experience I have had with vaccines, I do keep up on vaccinations. I research and write about it. In some of our vaccines, but not all of the vaccines, there is a preservative that has Mercury in it. Now hasn’t the news been warning us about not putting Mercury in our systems, get rid of your Mercury products, and for heaven’s sake, don’t break open the thermometer and add the Mercury to your coffee! You are not even supposed to place mercury in your trash; you should call poison control to let them dispose of it.

So instead of playing with all that Mercury, why don’t we let the CDC give it to you or your child in the next vaccine? For me, that is a bit confusing, but that is just me. There are only a few vaccines that have this preservative and aren’t our children usually the ones getting the vaccines? I am fairly sure that this preservative that is added to these vaccines is not on the FDA approved food chart. After all, the FDA has been pretty clear on the fact that Mercury is not good for the system. Perhaps the concerns do not apply to the vaccines because unless you have medical or religious reasons, you are required to have your children and yourself vaccinated.

There are vaccines that are optional, however. One of the vaccines is something a lot of people get: the flu shot. I have posted the link to the site, but also the facts from the CDC’s own website that this vaccine has Mercury in it. Now remember, we have been told by the FDA that Mercury in our system is not good and can cause a lot of health issues, including death.

Please note, after you are dead, you do not have health issues anymore. Your family will, however have bill issues following your death if your insurance does not cover it. Now I am not saying that all people are going to have issues with Mercury. I am sure the Fluoride and Mercury in our systems have long become friends in the plot of eliminating the weak genes and keeping the strong ones around. Here is my thought though, one part of the Government who is meant to protect us by inspecting our food and drugs is now allowing cloned meat in the supermarkets without telling us if we are eating Dolly. Rest assured, you will not be eating Dolly per se. For some reason, sheep did not make it onto the list of cloned animals that are safe to eat. Apparently Dolly just left a huge mess in the hallway of some person who was in charge of the cloning design. Dolly made enough of a mess that sheep were not approved for the culinary cloning industry. Bad Dolly, someone give that animal a swat with the newspaper. Oh wait, we can’t. She is dead.

Moving away from Dolly and back to the Mercury issue, how can they warn us about Mercury and then turn a blind eye to the fact that they are allowing another body of Government to put it in our bodies to keep us healthy? I don’t know about you, but I am a bit confused on this one. Apparently it has been a very confusing day with this Mercury issue; is it going to hurt us or help us? The FDA cannot make up its mind. I am thinking Dolly left traces behind, and if this is the case, I am fairly sure the ammonia fumes have made them a bit cranky, and they may need some time to calm down before they can fully read and understand the paperwork.

I have added what the CDC says about Thimerosal and Mercury because they did place it almost down at the bottom of the paperwork, almost as if they wanted you to get bored with reading the whole paper. We all know how fun government papers are to read and understand.

Thimerosal and Inactivated Influenza Vaccine

Thimerosal, a mercury-containing compound, has been used as a preservative in vaccines since the 1930s and is used in multidose vials of inactivated influenza vaccine to reduce the likelihood of bacterial contamination (243). Many of the single-dose syringes and vials of TIV are thimerosal-free or contain only trace amounts of thimerosal (Table 4). No scientific evidence indicates that thimerosal in vaccines, including influenza vaccines, leads to serious adverse events in vaccine recipients (244). However, in 1999, the U.S. Public Health Service and other organizations recommended that efforts be made to eliminate or reduce the thimerosal content in vaccines to decrease total mercury exposure, chiefly among infants (243--245). Since mid-2001, vaccines routinely recommended for infants in the United States have been manufactured either without or with only trace amounts of thimerosal, resulting in a substantial reduction in the total mercury exposure from vaccines for children (210). Vaccines containing trace amounts of thimerosal have <1>

The risks for severe illness from influenza virus infection are elevated among both young children and pregnant women, and persons in both groups benefit from vaccination. In contrast, no scientifically conclusive evidence exists of harm from exposure to thimerosal preservative-containing vaccine. In fact, evidence is accumulating that supports the absence of any harm resulting from exposure to such vaccines (243,246--248). Therefore, the benefits of influenza vaccination outweigh the theoretical risk, if any, from thimerosal exposure through vaccination. Nonetheless, certain persons remain concerned regarding exposure to thimerosal. As of February 2006, six states had enacted legislation banning the administration of vaccines containing mercury; the provisions defining mercury content vary. These laws might present a barrier to vaccination until sufficient numbers of doses of influenza vaccines without thimerosal as a preservative or in trace amounts are available.

The U.S. vaccine supply for infants and pregnant women is in a period of transition; the availability of thimerosal-reduced or thimerosal-free vaccine intended for these groups is being expanded by manufacturers as a feasible means of reducing an infant's total exposure to mercury, because other environmental sources of exposure are more difficult or impossible to eliminate. Reductions in thimerosal in other vaccines have been achieved already and have resulted in substantially lowered cumulative exposure to thimerosal from vaccination among infants and children. For all of those reasons, persons for whom inactivated influenza vaccine is recommended may receive vaccine with or without thimerosal, depending on availability.

Also the FDA has some of their own findings on Thimerosal and Mercury. At least they are warning you and letting you know all sides of the coin, and they acknowledge there is Mercury in the system.

What is thimerosal?

Thimerosal is a preservative that has been used in some vaccines since the 1930's, when it was first introduced by Eli Lilly Company. It is 49.6% mercury by weight and is metabolized or degraded into ethylmercury and thiosalicylate. At concentrations found in vaccines, it meets the requirements for a preservative as set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia; that is, it kills the specified challenge organisms and is able to prevent the growth of the challenge fungi. Prior to its introduction in the 1930's, data were available in several animal species and humans providing evidence for its safety and effectiveness as a preservative. Since then, thimerosal has a long record of safe and effective use preventing bacterial and fungal contamination of vaccines, with no ill effects established other than minor local reactions at the site of injection.

As a vaccine preservative, thimerosal is used in concentrations of 0.003% to 0.01%. A vaccine containing 0.01% thimerosal as a preservative contains 50 micrograms of thimerosal per 0.5 ml dose or approximately 25 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 mL dose. The use of mercury-containing preservatives in vaccines has declined markedly since 1999 (Table 1. Thimerosal Content of Vaccines Routinely Recommended for Children 6 Years of Age and Younger.

FDA is continuing its efforts toward reducing or removing thimerosal from all existing vaccines. Much progress has been made to date. FDA has been actively working with manufacturers, particularly those that manufacture childhood vaccines, to reach the goal of eliminating thimerosal from vaccines, and has been collaborating with other PHS agencies to further evaluate the potential health effects of thimerosal. In this regard, all vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years of age or younger and marketed in the U.S. contain no thimerosal or only trace amounts (1 microgram or less mercury per dose), with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine, which was first recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in 2004 for routine use in children 6 to 23 months of age.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know enough about vaccines to know they are needed. I do not want to see vaccines go away; I am not a big fan of small pox or polio. I think I prefer the avian flu they keep warning me about. I have not decided, maybe I will just pick up some MRSA on the way home after I get my Mercury injection for the year. Now while you ponder that...

All I am saying is if you are going to tell us Mercury is bad for us, then don’t give it to us or our children no matter how small the amount. Remember, there are boosters and with everything else that can expose you to Mercury, I am thinking the chances of a child not getting Mercury poisoning in today’s day and age, well to be honest, is almost as good as us going outside and not getting pollution on us. Unless you live in the cave, and then you just have to watch for the tourists that have the urge to go to the bathroom in your cave, or worse yet, get a bit amorous and cannot control their primal needs. By the way, if you are reading this from a cave, could you send me your network link? They seem to have great reception.

Well I think for today I have written enough to make any person go hmmm…I am still debating which enjoyable situation I shall put myself in today. I hear that sushi is actually pretty good when making important decisions in your life, being brain food and all. Hey, can I get that without the Mercury today?

Enjoy your day, I will close with that and remember, *...Thank you, this has been a public broadcast system of the FBNS (Faythe Based Network System) supported by your local 1st Amendment Rights, backed by the Constitution of the United States, broadcasted out of New York City, Baby....*

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